Tucson is a city built in a grid and its infrastructure is built for cars. 
This infrastructure makes it harder to move around and engage with a large part of the city. 
Tucson is a car-centric city. This infrastructure can be harmful to those without cars, including those not capable of driving or affording cars, which tend to be economically disadvantaged individuals.
Street photographers walk where we live and document our environment—
Street photographers are forced to engage with our infrastructure to take photos.
I walk to explore my city and document it. This work was taken over a span of several months by picking a direction and walking until I felt tired. I am drawn to the abandoned lots that surround Tucson and the streets that connect them. In this work I am focused on areas away from where most people walk, and where pedestrian infrastructure does not exist. On these walks, I am often alone on the sidewalk except for cars passing by.

Traversing by foot, I photograph the details that can only be experienced outside of a car.

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